Base Change? Check for seamless membership!

If you are changing base and are a member of an ECA affiliated union/pilot association, check whether you can carry your membership with you to your new location. 

Unions and Pilot Associations that are affiliated to the European Cockpit Association (ECA) have adopted the “seamless membership” scheme which gives pilots the possibility to carry their union membership from their current union to the union in the country of their new base without having to start a new waiting period. This means no waiting time until they can benefit from all union membership services and benefits, including legal support. 

Member associations commit to provide seamless pilot representation & seamless legal protection (according to the national rules of the MA) across national borders when pilots change base & country, without a waiting/probation period in the new MA and ‘leaving period’ in the previous MA, and based on the principle that for pilots with an on-going legal case the previous MA continues to support that case.

ECA General Assembly, November 2023

How does it work? A pilot switching base across borders only needs to contact their pilot association/current union. The union will take care of transferring membership from the day the pilot switches base. Provided the pilot is a member in good standing, there is no waiting period in the new pilot association/union and no termination period with the old pilot association/union. 

Which unions have adopted the “seamless membership plan”? The plan exists currently for all ECA Member Association that are listed here.  For processing seamless membership requests at ACA please contact our office via email:


Infographic seamless membership